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Company Culture

Dongguan delixin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "delixin automation") is a professional non-standard automation equipment company. Its main business is the R & D, production, sales and after-sales service of non-standard automation equipment, battery clamp automatic assembly line and automatic assembly equipment

Delixin automation tenet

Our aim is to "take the customer as our own responsibility" and strive to provide customized, multi-functional automation equipment and automation solutions for customers, so as to help customers transform the production process, solve problems such as low production capacity, high customization cost, reduce production cost and improve product quality

Delixin automation team

Our company has a young team, including 18 mechanical design and automatic assembly engineers, which can provide users with various parts assembly non-standard automatic assembly machine customization services. Delixin, a non-standard automation equipment company, has a professional R & D technical team, equipment installation engineers, after-sales team, etc. to solve all problems of customers.

Experience and cases

We have been carrying out the design concept of "road to simplicity" and the spirit of great craftsman to keep improving, and strive to make our machine performance stable and efficient. At present, we serve many industries, including hardware fasteners, automobile manufacturing, 3C electronics, connectors, electrical switches, emerging energy and robot application system integration. In these industries, we have rich experience and cases. As long as customers have the demand for customization and transformation of automation equipment, and meet the objective conditions, we will provide customers with services.

Delixin automation target

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "relying on morality to build credit, relying on credit to build distance", fully meets the needs of customers and the market, and strives to become a leader in industrial automation solutions and services. Sincerely to solve the problems of customers, think of customers, do what customers do, strive to be the national non-standard automation equipment and system solution service model brand enterprise