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Gecko expansion screw assembly machine

Time:2021-03-23 Views:10
Basic understanding of gecko expansion screw in vehicle repair
Gecko expansion screw is suitable for concrete and dense natural stone, metal structure, metal profile, base plate and support plate,
Brackets, railings, windows, curtain walls, machines, girders, stringers, supports, etc. are usually used for heavy-duty facilities, and the calibration tension values are in the water
The strength of the mud is 260-300kgs / cm ~ 2, the maximum safe load value does not exceed 25% of the calibration value, and the body material is stainless steel, carbon steel and other metals
Materials, etc. are generally suitable for fastener industry. The use method of gecko expansion screw in vehicle repair: select the embedded depth according to the thickness of the top plate,
With the increase of depth, the tension increases, and then the expansion screw function is realized.
Gecko expansion screw for vehicle repair is also known as galvanized single expansion bolt and colorful zinc plated explosion screw. Dongguan delixin Automation Technology Co., Ltd
The fastener industry has been characterized by labor-intensive and low degree of automation
Developed a series of expansion screw automatic assembly machine for customers to solve the problem of low production capacity and high cost, get customers praise, welcome
The majority of users call consultation: 13650134398.
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