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Holiday notice for Spring Festival

Time:2021-01-26 Views:45
The Spring Festival holiday notice issued by Delixin Automation Co. , Ltd. , Dongguan. All departments of Delixin Automation Co. , Ltd. : With the Spring Festival approaching, in order to enable the company and its employees to enjoy a happy, peaceful and safe Spring Festival, do a good job during the holiday security, the relevant matters will be notified as follows: 1. Holiday Time: 20216 February (Làyuè twenty-five, Saturday) to 18 February (Lunar New Year‘s Day, Thursday) holiday, a total of 13 days. The 2021 starts work on February 19(Friday, the eighth day of the first lunar month) . 2. Doing a good job of safety inspection. To the subordinate office for Fire Prevention, theft prevention as the main content of the security inspection, to ensure key parts such as warehouses, office electrical equipment, Computer Room and other places of safety. All units should carefully clean up the documents and materials, take good care of important documents, put valuables in a safe place to prevent theft. The Financial Department should ensure the safety and stability of the safes and other important facilities. Ensure the doors and windows are closed and locked, and the responsible person of the department in place. During the holiday period is the national epidemic, please pay close attention to the travel notice, do a good job of personal protection, during the holiday home staff should pay attention to travel personal safety, money and goods, after the holiday please return to the company on time. Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused by the holiday! If there is an urgent matter please call the contact number: 13650134398 Miss Kuang, Delixin Automation Company wish all employees a happy new year, all the best! Dongguan, Germany Letter Automation Technology Co. , Ltd. , personnel and administration 20211/26