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Development Model of non-standard Automation Equipment Company

Time:2017-02-01 Views:118
NON-STANDARD AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT COMPANY‘S DEVELOPMENT MODEL for small and medium-sized non-standard automation enterprises how to plan the future, I believe that many practitioners are confused. As a practitioner, I try to think from an outsider‘s point of view. From my point of view, the development of non-standard automation industry will eventually enter into the following five models. 1: Industry 4.0. Major Custom R & D large-scale production lines, and unmanned factories. But China started late in this respect, the foundation of industrial automation is weak, we have been in catch-up phase. These giants are largely the monopoly of multinational groups such as ABB, Siemens, Kuka, Seiko Epson and other manufacturers of mechanical arms. 2: Self Sufficiency. Big Manufacturers, such as Foxconn, are getting into the robotics business. These companies, with capital, have their own huge demand for non-standard automation equipment. I once worked in a large lithium battery factory where the company‘s model was to build its own non standard automation team, most of which developed their own devices. In addition to large assembly lines and sophisticated equipment, the company‘s automation equipment is largely self-sufficient. At present, the company with a little scale has its own automation equipment department. 3: diversified production model. Because of the particularity of non-standard industry, so many companies to a certain stage of development will have a bottleneck to break. Many non-standard automation industry owners, began to try to diversify into traditional manufacturing. Because this part of the enterprise can produce their own equipment, so the equipment input cost is low, and production efficiency is high. The impact on the general enterprise is very big. 4: Strong power combination model. In the future, if a manufacturing enterprise does not have an automated equipment division, then the enterprise will not survive. In the face of declining profit space, high labor costs, only the full implementation of automated unmanned production, improve the level of technology enterprises can be invincible. Some around the boss of the manufacturing industry, began to try to buy some small non-standard automation companies, to create their own non-standard automation team. One is to reduce the input of equipment, the other is to improve the level of production automation. OR NON-STANDARD AUTOMATION COMPANIES TO ACQUIRE SOME MANUFACTURING enterprises, through this fast way into traditional manufacturing. Step 5: Independent Mode. Constantly practice the internal work and improve the level of technological innovation. Do not have I have, I have excellent people. The most important point is to establish a standardized design and production model. Non-standard industry is all the slow development, because most of the equipment is required to custom R & D. Companies need to invest a lot of experience in this area. And the assembly process, for the Worker‘s technical level requirements are quite high. Therefore, the future development of non-standard automation companies, we must establish a large database, the use of standardized, modular design methods. That way, you get more bang for your buck. The future is bright, the road is tortuous, where do we go from here. As a practitioner, Ericsson automation company has been working hard to improve its own strength, both inside and outside, and strive to become a leader in the industry.