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Time:2020-12-12 Views:370
From the short-term, medium-term and long-term perspective, the prospect of non-standard automation is not the same. Non-standard automation based on personalized customization has been relatively tepid for quite some time. Because of the existence of small-scale manufacturing (including some medium and large-scale manufacturing) , there is a large amount of demand for automation transformation, especially with the rising cost of labor, objective also promoted demand, therefore, in the southeast coastal areas where the manufacturing industry is developed, engaged in small and medium enterprises automation is also very much. However, non-standard automation because of the lack of standardization, generally difficult to form a scale, it is difficult to copy in batches. Similarly, lack of standardization, order-based production forms, lack of project risk and output stability, coupled with the difficulty of large-scale marketing and sales, are the main reasons for the difficulty of scale. And a small number of non-standard automation enterprises, mostly from a large number of non-standard equipment to find a copy, standardized products to produce, in a certain area to expand the scale. In this sense, non-standard automation is only a stage and process of standardization, can not be the ultimate form of existence. If can not find the suitable product and the direction, then as the enterprise‘s development, its prospect is often not optimistic. In addition, from another point of view from the management and talent point of view. Non-standard automation organizations generally have high requirements for the comprehensive quality of talents. Engineers may often combine skills such as software, hardware and on-the-spot debugging, as well as provide solutions for different situations, and in the field (business) situation is also more common, so the relative income will be a little higher, but this is also based on their level and the nature of the work. In the management and control of talent, process, quality, non-standard automation enterprises often lack effective means, most of them are based on people rather than norms and processes, the result is that people have a great impact on the project, and it‘s hard to scale a project if it‘s too dependent on individual capabilities. Therefore, in the current stage, non-standard automation enterprises may often be in the state of embarrassment of starvation, its survival and future pressure is also huge. This is a problem that will be technically difficult to solve for quite some time. In the long run, customized non-standard products may become popular because of the technological revolution, and non-standard automation industry workers should be the vanguard of this trend, in transition has a natural advantage. Just how and when this vision will come is, shall we say, rather vague. As an intermediate stage of transition, it is likely to be full of uncertainty.
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